Trumputin Syrian Plot

Trumputin Syrian Plot
(Trigger warning: the following post contains speculations and alternative facts…read with caution). 
I’m not a conspiracy theorist. But indulge me as I sniff out a rats’ nest of matted hair, rotted pizza, moldy bits of borscht and the detritus of a desperate Trump administration. 
Syrian President “The Chinless Henchman” Assad purportedly nerve gasses civilians. He’s already winning the war against his citizens, as Trump says, bigly. So he wakes up one fine morning in his palace, slides off his silk sheets, stretches while gazing out his balcony window and thinks: “I think I’ll gas some folks today. What the hell.” Ok, dozens of innocents are brutally killed and maimed by his gas attack. Oh my gosh, Trump sees gut-wrenching photos of children and babies writhing in agony and is “moved.”  This from a guy who loathes immigrants and whose proposed budget wrecks havoc and suffering on the most vulnerable of Americans. If the recently deceased insult-comedian Don Rickles was “Mr. Warmth”  then Trump surely is “Mr Empathy.” So someone, maybe Ivanka, explains to him the concept of “human suffering.” Ivanka adds in a little deal-sweetener by telling her dad that Assad might have said his chin is larger than Trumps hands. Wow… now we’re talking real human suffering. Let’s bomb an airfield and show that low-energy Little Assad who’s the real boss. Bombs Away! Fifty nine Tomahawks chop up a Syrian runway. NBC’s Brian “The Exaggerator” Williams says he was “guided by the beauty of our weapons,” whatever that means. Other TV pundits declare that by shooting missiles Trump has become Presidential…apparently again, the first time after he exploited a Navy Seal’s death during a speech to Congress. What is it about causing death and destruction that makes mere mortals “Presidential?” But I digress. 
So, Assad nerve gasses his citizens, Trump teaches him a lesson by Tomahawking an airstrip, Trump is suddenly very “Presidential.”  His polls rise. No one is talking about his administration’s alleged collusion with the Russians to help him win the Presidency. Mission accomplished. 
Putin is now saying that Syrian rebels are responsible for the nerve gas attack, not Assad. No one with half of a brain believes that Putin didn’t know of the nerve gas attacks in advance. Did he evacuate his Russian “advisors” on the ground before the attack as many believe. (Damn, I’m sounding like Trump.. many have heard, lot of people are saying…) The big question is: did the Trump administration collude, again, with Putin to stage the gas attacks to take the heat off Trump, reduce interest in the investigation of Russia’s hacking our election and of course bolster Trump’s poll numbers. Putin agrees to order Assad to carry out the gas attacks, tells Trump he can shoot off a few Presidential Tomahawks to scalp an airstrip, allowing Trump officials to criticize Putin’s support for Assad demonstrating to the world that Trump and Putin are not pals. This puts Trump even deeper in debt to Putin but gives him breathing space, better poll numbers and that elusive “Presidential” patina. (A real challenge covering up that tanning salon orange). Meanwhile, Trump remains silent on Putin. No direct criticism. With Putin potentially holding that Golden Shower videotape, is it any wonder? 
Crazy? Yes. Unbelievable? Well, conspiracies are by their nature on the surface not believable. Conspiracy theories are not really theories as much as speculation.  The first dictionary definition of theory is:
  1. a coherent group of tested general propositions, commonly regarded as correct, that can be used as principles of explanation and prediction for a class of phenomena: Einstein’s theory of relativity.  Synonyms: principle, law, doctrine. 
Down the list of theory definitions at number 6 and 7 are:
…..contemplation or speculation: the theory that there is life on other planets
…..guess or conjecture: My theory is that he never stops to think words have consequences.
So, this new Trumputin Syrian nerve gas conspiracy is just that. Speculation. Like Trump’s conspiracy theory that Obama was born in Kenya. Except the latter has been disproven and the former has not. 
Now it’s on to North Korea. Rising provocations mean rising polls.  How “Presidential” will Trump look if he provokes a nuclear conflagration and WW-3? 
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So Presidential!

PresidenTsar Trumputin continues to break records, exceed the best and out-tremendous-ize winning while out-superlativizing and most-hyperbolisizing just about everything and everyone in the galaxy. No one is more “less racist, less anti-Semitic” says Him Who Is He or He Who Is Him.  “No one respects women more than me,” he has said on too many occasions. And now our New PresidenTsar has even exceeded his own Wonderfulness by reading a speech (the Best speech ever!) line by wonderful line one after another and another! Whew! We’re blown away by all his majestic ability to read. But last night’s Speech of Speeches set a new record for the Greatest Exploitation of a Grieving Military Widow. As The PresidenTsar himself might say, “No one exploits grieving war widows better than me.” Trump over-milked the audience’s sympathies for Carryn Owens, whose Navy Seal hero husband Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens, was killed last month in a fcuked-up mission in Yemen. His exploitation of Chief Ryan and his widow served to justify his own reckless approval of the ill-fated, poorly planned mission. Trump’s “enemy of the American people” media praised his phony compassion. Even the liberal CNN pundit Van Jones joined fellow duped-commentators by calling Trump’s fraudulent focus on Mrs Ryan “one of the most extraordinary moments you have seen in American politics, period.” Jones further slobbered over himself declaring that Trump “…became president of the United States in that moment, period. That thing you just saw him do, if he finds a way to do that over and over again, he’s going to be there for eight years.” Well, that’s that! I guess we can expect many more ill-planned military excursions which will serve up lots of victims and widows and family to be showcased for the next PresidenTsar speech. Chief Ryan, little did you know that by sacrificing your life, you created a “president.” America grieves your death for so many reasons.

Make The Inauguration Great Again

The president-erect’s transition team entertainment committee is working overtime (without pay, of course) to make the Jan 20th presidential Inauguration Great Again. After all, President Barrack Obama’s two Inaugurations included only just about every A-list artist, performer and entertainer from around the world. So many offered to perform that to accommodate everyone his Presidential Inauguration would have taken weeks and made Woodstock look like a middle school Xmas pageant.  But Mr. T has given his minions orders to book the Best, Most Amazing, Top Shelf, A++ Stars to showcase his coronation. How’s that working out? 
Here are just a few Trump inaugural celebrity entertainers who have been booked so far. Some have committed; others are aspirational.  
The number-one “get” is a 16 year-old girl named Jackie Ivancho. Yep, That Jackie? So far this is the only firmly committed act, besides The Madison Square Garden Rockettes dancers, except those who opted out, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Others invited but not yet committed include: 

Lady Gaga? No, but Lady Gaggag… ex porn star turned gospel singer will perform her hit single ” Jesus I’m Hot for Your Body & Blood 

Wayne Newton, of course.. singing his big 1963 hit Danke Schoen. Newton will represent Native Americans as he claims he is of Cherokee heritage. 

Katy Perry? No, But at least the Perry part.. Branson, MIssouri‘s very own  Perry Como, 1950-60 crooning sensation and traditional  Xmas songster. 

Pussy Riot  – Russian All-girl punk performance band. Perfect for the Pussy Grabber-In-Chief.  
Frank Sinatra? He’s certainly dead enough and would be the perfect  reflection of the president-erect’s treatment and views of women and of course Frank’s “little man” bullying personality would match Trump’s to a capital T.  So solicitations to his daughter Nancy have been extended should she be interested in walking her white go-go boots all over Mr. T’s star-studded stage.

70’s hair band Badfinger. What Don really likes is their hair. But also because the band is SHORT two Finger members who suicided themselves SHORTLY after becoming popular in those early 1970 days.  
Pharrell WillIams? Well, Pharrell actually said that he would not be “HAPPY” to perform for the Celebration of Darkness. But his great uncle Andy Williams, of Xmas song fame and 
major star in Branson, MO, has indicated thru his legal guardian great grandchildren, that he might, emphasis on might, be available to perform at the trumpian gala. 

Kayne West? Trumpie’s best bet for a so-called true A-list entertainer. He’s pals with the Big Grabba. Says he woulda voted fo’em if he’d voted. Made a special pilgrimage to the  Tower to rap wit’em. Egos like smokin’ eggos from a hot-wired toaster. Mutual Sadmiration Society. This could happen. For the life of me I can’t see Kanye and Twrumpie performing “Life of Pablo” but we can only hope.  

Aging faux-rocker turned country western wannabe, Ted Nugent will probably do something in addition to reprising some of his best racist rants and tirades. He might even demo some of his recipes from his popular book, “Kill it and Grill It.”   

Direct from Petersburg, Kentucky comes amazing acts from the Eighth Wonder of the World, The (Cretin) Creation Museum. The main creationist performance will be a teenage Jesus Christ riding bareback on a baby dinosaur. (This act of course proves that Earth is only several thousand years old and that Jesus loves bareback riders) 
And floating down Pennsylvania Ave., on loan from the Cretin Creation Museum, will be Noah’s Ark, filled with animals two-by-two poopin’ an whoopin’ an ruttin’ and buttin’ and growlin’ & howlin’. Good times. 
The two entertainment capitals of the World, Vegas and Branson, Missouri are expected to contribute world-class acts of song, dance and general white working class merriment. Here are a few of the highlighters we hope will entertain the billions and billions of Trump fans who will be gathered to watch this amazing, yuuge historic winning moment. 

The Amazin’ Pet Circus will be invited to delight the galaxy during this “Make The  Inauguration Great Again” Extravaganzalapalooza. 
No one loves hillbilly music and backyard hog comedy more than the new president Trump, who as a New York City self-proclaimed billionaire, is famous for his musical talents playing the saw, hair comb and wash-board while clicking his heels and stompin’ in his Gucci clodhoppers. No one can heehaw better than Donald.  He is the best heehawler. Believe him! 
The “Branson’s Famous Baldknobbers” will keep the global intergalactic audience in stitches with their music and comedy antics, most hilariously their famous act called the “Kingdom of Droopy Drawers”…just the type of comedy loved by the Trump family.  
And, topping it all off, that crazy Branson Japanese fiddle player who delights astounded audiences by playing real fast. And by golly he’s Japanese, too! 
Yessir, it’s gonna be a real down-home old white man ho-down (except for that Japanese fiddler). Guaranteed to be the Greatest Presidential Inauguration celebration ever seen by man. Eat your heart out Obama. Believe me.  

Hillary: Tough As Nails

Who do want as President, a tough proven hard ass who will stare down Vlad the Imputin or a bloated thin-skinned sissy-manboy who sucks up to and admires bullies like Putin. Hillary, or Hellary if you choose, is a short low center-of-gravity no-nonsense woman who won’t be knocked over. 
Ok, she can be a stingy with the truth… when it’s personal….but damn she’ll drown you without compassion in a bathtub of hard truths, hard facts and hard-headed realistic policy proposals. 
With a built-in bullshit detector honed to a laser point by a lifetime of living with Bill, Hillary will chew you up, spit you out and grind your sorry deplorable prevaricating ass into a cosmic wedgie. Whatever that is. And yes, she has strategically decided to stay “married” to The Bill. You can bet that one of her first actions as President on the proverbial DAY ONE will involve a special Presidential Proclamation with a huge scrollygirly-font banner-head that reads: D.I.V.O.R.C.E.  She knows she owes that special “Day One” action to all her sisters who voted for her. And to her granddaughter and Chelsea. 
Deceitful Donald cares not a tinker’s dam for The Truth.  He creates his own truths, or as Hillary said in the first debate he “lives in his own reality.” Which although a clever line, was wasted on his supporters who thought it was a compliment. (Of course most of his supporters do not watch things like debates, preferring a good re-run of Duck Dynasty or Neck’ed an Abraded.”
Hillary has been criticized all her public life (as are many women) for her looks, dress, hairstyle. The headband. The bangs. The pantsuits. The frown. The smile. The laugh. Her legs. Does she react like an insecure self-obsessed teenager? No. she moves on, self assured and confident that decent people will accept her and judge her on what she does and has accomplished for the public good. 
Compare & contrast that to Donald, master of the Art of The Fear, a seventy-year old man obsessed with his fluffy bleached combed-forward-back & over hair extensions, overweight and pendulous yet fat-shaming women who don’t meet his standards of beauty … “no fat pigs, dogs, slobs or disgusting animals.” And of course not pregnant. (Trigger Warning: Imagine climbing in bed with a naked Trump.) Trump has the Temperament and self-assurance of an eighth grade mean girl.
Enough of Trump. We’re here with Hillary. Don’t trust her? I bet Putin, Kim Jong-un and that crazy Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte don’t trust her either. After the mild, gentlemanly erudite Obama, America seems to be pining for a “strongman” President who can scare the crap out of dictators, despots and terrorists with a no-nonsense dose of hardcore reality…this is the way it is fellows. Now boys, let’s sit down and work it out. Or else. Hillary: strongwoman. Mild-mannered she is not. How could she be after fighting, scratching, clawing and outmaneuvering her way to the top, busting thru glass ceilings like a Die Hard Bruce Willis crashing thru a skyscraper window. Her father didn’t stake her millions of bucks to start a business. She used her brains, not daddy’s money, to begin her long slog to the top. 
All candidates hyperbolically declare that they are “fighters” and that they will fight for you. Hillary is fond of saying that too, with this difference: she’s been in one cage fight after another, winning some, losing some. But she never declines a challenge to climb back in the next cage to administer a beatdown on her opponent. The woman can fight and will fight good fights as President. 
Oh, and unlike Donald, Hillary doesn’t mind being called “Hillary.” She doesn’t demand Senator or Madam Secretary. Donald requires everyone, even his son-in-law, to nonsobriquet him as Mr. Trump. Hillary won’t be called Hillary next January 20. From then on we’ll just call her Madam President. 
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I Want Self-Zippering Pants!

 I’ve waited all my miserable life for this. When I was a kid, my Dad said I’d have a flying car in my garage on Mars.  Never happened, Dad. (Thanks a lot, Obama!) 3-D TV? Sort of, but not really happening. Robot hoovers sucking up dust by dancing the roomba around the house? Boring. Self-cleaning ovens? Old school. Self-photo-taking? Yup, The Selfie fulfilled that dream. Self-driving cars? Oh, yeah! Almost there and just in time for aging Boomers who dread being on the pitiful end of “The Talk” when their kids explain that, no, Mom, you didn’t misplace your car keys..we’ve taken them and are prying your almost dead cold hands from around the steering wheel. Autonomous cars will allow Boomers to rule the road until the day they never die.

But when Nike recently announced its new Self-tying shoe I knew the future had finally arrived. It’s called “adaptive lacing.”  Press buttons on the side of the shoe and the laces automatically tighten or loosen to match your comfort level or mood: uptight, nervous, or afraid? Just press the tighten button. Feeling groovy, marinatingly mellow or banging? Just press the loose button. No muss no fuss. Only down side is you gotta bend down to press the mofcukin’ buttons! Com’on Nike, where’s the remote? Or app that’ll let me tight&loose by tapping on my Fitbit or Apple Watch. See, the Damn Future is always just around the Damn Corner.

So here I am, in the present here and now, mindful of the moment, which is very popular these days. But still waiting for, as Apple used to say, “The Next Big Thing” …until Trump settled that argument. So I guess until I get my Self-Zippering pants, I’m just a lonely guy on the Avenue of Ass-kicking Dreams with his fly stuck open…or shut. (Hmmmm…autonomous socks that roll up automatically?)

L.Rudmann (

What’s Left for Trump to Say?

He’s called Mexicans rapists, drug addicts and criminals, promises to build a “big, beautiful wall” around America to keep out undocumented migrants, blamed tough media questions on a reporter’s monthly period. He calls people he disagrees with fat, idiot, stupid, morons. Claims President Obama’s birth certificate is false. Says Ariana Huffington and Carly Fiorino are ugly. Said you can’t beat ISIS if you sweat too much and that if Hillary can’t satisfy her husband how is she going to satisfy America. He says global warming is a hoax. “Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.”  “I have a great relationship with the blacks.” “I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.” “You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.” “Often times when I was sleeping with one of the top women in the world, I would say to myself, thinking about me as a boy from Queens, “Can you believe what I am getting?” “Heidi Klum (supermodel). Sadly, she’s no longer a 10.” Oh, yes…Trump also says he absolutely saw TV footage of 1000s of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating on 9-11. And yep, recently Trump mocked a disabled New York Times reporter by imitating his body movements. Whew….I’m out of breath and energy digging up these Trumprageous comments. Let’s go to future tape. 

So. What’s left for Trump to say? Who and what hasn’t he railed against and insulted. Here are a few insults waiting in the hopper, predictions of what he still might say that will inexplicably increase his poll ratings. 
On The Pope. “Yeah, Francis, Frankie, he’s a fat old geezer. A real loser. Just look at that belly. Not even Rosie O’Donnell would get on her knees for him.”
Native Americans: “These so-called noble savages don’t even know how to run a casino like me…give’em a few shots of liquor and they’ll end up scalping themselves instead of their customers.”
Automobiles: “Basically just pieces of junk.. I don’t know why people buy them…the best mode of transportation is a limo and a private jet. And I’ve got the best private limos and jets at my disposal.” 
The late Mother Theresa: “She was an ugly skinny old hag. So over-rated, that one.. No one tends to the poor better than me..believe me…when I’m President the poor will be tended too so much they’ll get tired of it!! They’ll say “Stop it Mr. Trump, no more tending.. !” 
Refrigerators: what’s this all about anyway? Keeping food cold? I like my food hot and served to me in one of my 5-Star restaurants..I’ve got Mexicans, Filipinos, Orientals to cook it..who needs a refrigerator..or a stove! Losers and morons, that’s who! “
Smart phones: Believe me.. the iPhone and those Korean phonies are total losers…for the life of me I can’t figure out why people buy these things..I’ve got the best phone, a MeTrump phone..solid gold with diamond keys. Made exclusively for me by the best people.”
Milk: Never drink it! Never drink anything that comes out of a cow’s tit. Can you imagine? This cow’s laying around in its own dung eating weeds and stuff and this is what makes milk? I drink only the best milk…beautiful young virgin milk from world class virgins. And I know virgins.”
Apple Pie: who would eat that crap? I’ll tell you! Losers! Morons! I only eat the top shelf pie…Trumpie: made with the best stuff you ever tasted.. baked by the best people who know how to bake the best.. And believe me I know the best! 
Motherhood: you ever hear me talk about my mother? No! Motherhood is for idiots! Who needs’em! That’s all I’m gonna say on that subject… don’t get me started. 
Navy Seals: what’s up with that name anyway? A seal? Who wants to be a seal, flapping and honking on a chunk of ice all day long? These guys are so over-rated…all that training they need. So they shot Bin Laden? I like guys who didn’t shoot bin Laden…who maybe…you know…just bombs the crap outta the Osamas. I know how to bomb people. No one bombs better than me, trust me!” 
Yes, trust him sooner or later to say all the above, and worse. And rise in the polls. 
God Bless & Save America. 
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Each year we are treated to new album releases by assorted artists – popular and has-been – rendering their versions of Christmas and Holiday carols. One of my favorites is Bob Dylan‘s “Xmas in the Heart” in which he croons, gristles, groans and chews up holiday traditionals such as “O Come All Ye Faithful” and “Silent Night.” It’s quite a feat and for me at least a real Christmas treat. Another seasonal favo is “Just Say Noël,” which includes my special holiday favo by “Sonic Youth, “Santa Doesn’t Cop Out on Dope,” and “Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa” by The Roots. “Jingle All the Way” by Crash Test Dummies is also a heart & hearth-warming collection of holiday  sentimentals. 
So this year I would love to see and hear some new offerings such as: 
Bill Maher’s “An Atheist’s Xmas” on which he sings “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen…gay marriage is finally legal.” And “While Shepherds Watched…Yeah they like to watch” would be on my iTunes Xmas playlist. 
Bill Clinton’sXmas with a Boner” including his just released hit song, “Joseph did not have sex with that Woman” and of course his saxophone rendition of “BlueXmas” would enlarge his legacy. 
Donald Trump’s “The Biggest Best & Hugest Xmas” featuring his holiday hit, “No One Does Xmas Better Than Me,” and “Trump Pumpa Trump Trumps the Little Immigrant Boy” and “Away.. (far far away from America,) In a Manger” could push him even higher in the polls. 
Bernie Sanders‘  “Have Yourself a Communal Little Socialist Xmas” featuring “Rudolph the Red Commie Reindeer” would be a favo of mine. 
Hillary’s Xmas Dishes album includes her never-before released and destined-to-become-a-seasonal classic, “Bill’s Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire” would be a family hit in my household. 
And speaking of open fire, the Chicago Police Department Xmas Choir gets us into the spirit of the season with the hauntingly  moving “Oh come on keep mum Rahm Emmanuel,” segueing to a celebratory “Silent Nights & Silent Days helps Good King Winsalot of elections.” 
Merry Xhristmas y’all. 
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Of ISIS and Men

I suppose it’s natural to be somewhat unsettled and unsure of how to react beyond shock, horror and sadness about the recent terrorist/Islamic/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh attacks in Paris. Special interest organizations, public figures, politicians and media pundits wasted little time and very little serious thought before spouting bigoted and caustic invective in the name of defending America from the kind of carnage inflicted in Paris.  Political was-been Newt Gringrich lanced his poisonous pus-filled heart by tweeting that if Parisian concert victims had been armed they could have survived. I’m sure he’s already cashed his check from the NRA. From there it got worse. Donald Trump agitated anew to build that “big beautiful wall” and to register all Muslims in the U.S. (Maybe tattoo them, too, Donald?) and Jeb! Bush tried trumping Trump by saying only Christian refugees should be admitted. (ISIS terrorists in Mali yesterday made hostages recite lines from the Quran to prove they are Muslim.. sounds like they got that idea from Jeb!) And predictably Republican governors said no to new Syrian refugees in their states. Of course House Speaker Paul Ryan pushed thru a bill stopping any Syrian refugees from entering the U.S. And oh yes, leading Presidential candidate Ben Carson called Syrian widows and child refugees “rabid dogs.” Not even France displayed that kind of xenophobia announcing that despite the terrorist attacks it would still compassionately welcome 30,000 new Syrian refugees.

Paraphrasing a friend, Republican pussy-wingers are a million times more likely to be killed at a Walmart Black Friday stampede than killed by a Syrian refugee. (Another friend joked a solution to the ISIS crisis…just give them a country and then nukem. haha)

But, as they say, I digress. The agony is in the question that haunts the dark mental and spiritual halls of anyone who still has a flexible and well-toned brain opened to learning, admitting bias, able to cortically correct and see dimensionally rather than the multitudes of Americans with calcified hearts and minds whose first and only reaction is to act on animal instinct of bite first when threatened.

But even the rational thinking mind is challenged when confronted by a force so nihilistic and savage as the terrorist  Islamic fundamentalists armed with blind faith of revenge and retribution on those who do not share or who disrespect the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. I hear the pleas of pundits, politicians, religious leaders, Muslims themselves, to avoid branding all Muslims as terrorists. Of course not all Muslims are terrorists. But here we have a virulent strain of the Islamic faith. Does the Quran (Koran) invoke and promote violence any more than the Bible? Obviously I’m not a Biblical nor Quranic scholar and can only reply on other experts for answers.
Here’s a little quiz. Which quote is from the Bible and which is from the Quran?

Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has known man intimately. But all the girls who have not known man intimately, spare for yourselves. (Answer: Bible, Numbers 31:17-1 )

Fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them: seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war).”  (Answer: Quran, 9:5)

You get the point.. Read more at Is Quran more violent than bible:

The difference seems to lie in the fact that Christianity focuses its faith more toward the New (kinder&Jesus-friendly) Testament whereas this death cult of ISIS seizes upon the approximately 100 violence-supported passages out of about 6,000 non violent passages of the Quran.

Let’s hope we don’t see an offshoot Christian militant group (CRISIS.. Christian Religion Is Slaying Islam Sinners?) inspired by Biblical excerpts such as :

Make ready to slaughter the infidel’s sons for the guilt of their fathers; Lest they rise and possess the earth, and fill the breadth of the world with tyrants. (Isaiah 14:21)
Then I heard God say to the other men, “Follow him through the city and kill everyone whose forehead is not marked. Show no mercy; have no pity! Kill them all – old and young, girls and women and little children.” (Ezekiel 9:5)

Both the Bible and the Quran contain exhortations to kill and maim. Although the death cult of ISIS seems to spread like a plague, is the cure really declarations of war, American boots on the ground, or building walls or creating Muslim refugee concentration camps? Or do such responses fulfill the objectives of ISIS death seekers and draw in more recruits? The more I think about all this the more I like to imagine John Lennon’s lyric, a world with no religion. And this from Robert Burns: “The best laid schemes of mice and men / Often go awry.”

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Donald Trump President Obama’s Secret Half Brother?

Why is Donald Trump pursuing the illegitimization of Barack Obama as President of the United States? Is Trump’s recent conversion as a “Birther” challenging Obama’s place of birth a pretense to cover up what could be the REAL TRUTH? Is Trump, who was born in 1946 to real estate tycoon Fred Trump, hiding the existence of INCREDIBLE AND FANTASTIC SECRET documents possibly hidden in an underground safe below the Trump Village Coney Island housing complex?  Are there rumors that these INCREDIBLE SECRET AND FANTASTIC documents reveal the HIDDEN TRUTH about Donald Trump’s relationship to the President of the United States? Was Obama, born in 1961, actually the offspring not of a Kenyan “Mau Mau” father as ex Governor Mike Huckabee alleges, but the progeny of a SECRET relationship with a Trump household African-American (Son Trump himself states that he has always had good relationships with “The Blacks.”) employee and maybe The Donald’s Federally-funded (FHA) real estate tycoon father?  Did the elder Trump bring this POSSIBLY EXISTING child, whom he perhaps named Barry, into the Trump family perhaps causing great jealousy and resentment from the then-15 year-old coddled Donald?  Did this lead to the elder Trump maybe taking the baby Barry to Hawaii and maybe hiring a woman who would adopt him and create a Kenyan father ruse biography that exists today? A lot of questions that Donald Trump needs to answer. What is the SHOCKING TRUTH that he could he be HIDING