How’ya doin’
Twenty Twenty
Vision division
Caused us plenty
Of rueing and stewing
Til blue
In the face
Behind the mask
Faith in our base
Or red in the neck
Or in that red hat
No MAGA mask don’t even ask
Just disconnect
And release our inner hounds
Too oh two ought
And fought our bounds
We were lost not found.

Two Kobees broke their earthly bounds
Shooting stars who hit the ground.
Influencing became a real job
Lonely INCELS shined their Knobs
While the mob
Boss elected
To run the land
The art of the Ukrainian Shakedown.

In the gaslighting
Progressive New Green Deal Fighting
A fever festered
Covid coverup
Blanketed and buried
Wall Streeter worries
And hurried to heaven
They dropped like flies
Helpless in beds they lie
In the twilight zones
Of their final nursing homes.

Like long sad sighs
That socially distant zoom in your
Screen-burned pandemic eyes
When hoping turned to coping
And surge tuned to dirge.

In the side effects
And intersect
Of unintended consequence
And unchecked Woke-ism
A Liberal schism
Incensed at the insensitive nation
Of Inquisitors at the
Great Cancellation.

In lockdown
Gutters clogged
With murder hornets
The social fabric
Torn it. Now mourn it.

Wildfires smogged
Brains conspire
Prophecies of doom and dire
Once upon a Q-anon pyre
Little fires embered higher
Puffed to life by the Donald Dissembler
Who lies for fun unashamed
All smoke and no flame
To heat his cup of toxic soup
Repeat and stir in a loop
Too stupid to know you’ve
Been stupidly duped.

Megan Thee Stallion
And Cardi B
Rapper rapscallions
Be horsing ‘round
Tongues in their cheeks
Curves and peaks
Celebratin’ vagination needs
Developed their own
Operation WAP Speed.

It’s way past time
To pass the time with our national Pastimes.
Are sports now relics
Of past times?
Re-runs of home runs
Touchdowns and empty stands
With mannequins instead of fans.
Athletes’ feats just televised
Instead of watching we sanitized.

In oceans of isolation
Plastic islands of the
Damned contamination
Lands of the banned
Waste not wanted
Insulated and out of sight
Fugettaboutit not worth the fight.

On the science
No Kool Aid to swallow
Attach a Covid sucking leech
Insert some lights where the sun don’t follow.
Drink a cup of Trump’s unkindness bleach
Or his go-to drink a Moscow Mule
Stirred not faken by Putin’s tool.

In the dark side of the room
Resistance to social distance
A portal to the tomb
Bearded boys with guns and ammo
Playing proud boi hero in Walmart camo.
Fighting for their American Way
To bowl in alleys
To get a haircut every day
And mask-less scream at Donald’s rallies.

The Department ordered
New modes of
Capital execution
Gas, electric not enough retribution
Firing squads and guillotines
Burned and boiled just the thing
Drawn and quartered seems fitting
HaHaHa literally side-splitting.

In our Covid co-habitations
Lockdown newborns
Children of the a-maizing
Pandemic parentage heritage
Covidia and Quarantina
Pandemia and lil’ Pandy
Vaccacina and brother Coronius
Flattaacurva and cousin Fauci.

Johns Lewis and John Prine
Good trouble makers
Givers of the heart not takers
In the ways they knew us
Spoke to justice and to truth
Like our beloved notorious Ruth.

Not the cure for the wheeze & a sneeze
A shot in the arm brings the virus To knee
But cannot cure
the Trump Soul Disease.

Our outrage
That knee in the neck
An act devoid
Of humanity’s sanity
A compassion disconnect
Murdered George Floyd
His sisters and brothers
More blood to spill
If the Covid don’t kill you
The PoPo will.

Our outrage
By maskless protesters’ destructive rampage
Damaged and shattered
Any vestige of the message
That Black Lives Mattered.

Some laughs
Amid the chaos and bathos
On the White House balcony
Trump’s Mussolini salute
Of his strongman defeat
Of the virus complete
Would take some special alchemy
To fit him in his fake Superman suit.
And not debatable
But certainly relatable
Henceforth it will always be said
That on Mike Pence’s head
That white dome
So dense
Would make a perfect home
And perfect sense
For a persistent black fly zone.

And truth to alternative factotums
Faithful to the Virus Liar Denier
Broadcasting airborne information Slush
Channeling the psychopathic
Enameled Orange Crush
Who hunkered
In his golf course bunkers
Too bored to care or say a prayer
A blessing shouted in angry lies
While 350,000 on his watch died.

Lost and Found
A year is a lifetime
A year is a timeline
A year is a lifeline
Beginning and end
Start and finish
Empty and replenish
Rise and descend.
Rest and stress
Fly and nest
2021 will bring relief
From 2020 may we be released.

Happy New Year 2021

Lawrence Rudmann


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