Change we can believe in.

Another day another war.

Who knew Obama would be the next great crusader.

On to Syria, Bahrain, Yemen.. Hell, Iran, too! Western Christian countries killing more Muslims…wonder how that'll work out?

Maybe we'll be equal opportunity World Police. On to North Korea… Venezuela…Cuba….

Are we defending innocent people from ruthless dictators? Or just some people who happen to live in certain oil- rich lands.

Is our addiction to oil a subtext for the ease at which we seemingly get sucked into these quicksand desert quagmires or is it naive to believe that our government acts on behalf of the collective will of its citizens who desire to see the democratic liberties they enjoy shared with people with fewer freedoms? It is naive.

War-thirsty and ratings-hungry CNN TV's near 24/7 coverage of the initial bombing invasion struck a particularly smug and almost congratulatory tone showing grainy night bombing video of Tripoli along with turgid and self-satisfied commentary by ex-generals paid to compare this little war with CNN's famous coverage of the Kuwaiti and Bagdad bombings.

“Well, Wolf, we're not seeing the vivid night vision footage with colorful trailing rocket fire that we saw in the Gulf War…” one General said describing the CNN video of US Libyan bombings that were undoubtedly slaughtering innocent Libyans just as Gadhafi himself promised to do. Wolf disappointedly agreed that this video wasn't nearly as compelling. But just wait, you could almost see his eyes light up with the possibility of more exciting and colorful video in coming days.

As President Obama says, the U. S. has “special capabilities”… war room-speak for Tomahawk missiles, stealth bombers, predator drones… Hi-tech state of art war machines. When was the last time superior US “special capabilities” won a war against local armies defending their homeland against foreign invaders. Vietnam… Afghanistan, Iraq? Obama says no US troops will be committed to on-the-ground combat in Libya. Sound familiar? Change we can believe in.

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