Watch The Amazing ObaGumby Bend Over….again.

The Amazing Folding Man, President Obama, is about to display his contortionist abilities as he reprises one of his best cave-ins and fold-ins upon himself and his political supporters on a nation-wide stage. The President savors opportunities to show off his spine bending feats, as he has done so frequently during his term.  Some of his most famous political death-applying (for Democrats) acts will someday be memorialized in a special ObaGumby Memorial Statue in the Softee Freeze Hall of Fame. Remember his amazing “Reach Across the Aisle” maneuvers during his first two years culminating in an invitation to Reboobs to join him for dinner last Fall which they rejected because they were busy preparing more tax cuts for the rich? Remember the Health Care Reform Bend Over?”  Wow, what a show as Mr. Obama bent over backwards to accommodate Repoobs’ insistence on a plan that would continue to enrich Big Pharma and Big Insurance. Executed perfectly. And how could we forget his most Houdini-like escape from defeating the extension of the Bush tax cuts. That nifty sleight-of- hand negotiation that left us head-scratching and incredulous saw the Maestro give the Repoobs everything they asked for including extending nearly $700 Billion tax cuts for the wealthy top two percent of American earners. Now the Repoobs want to negotiate the 2011 budget by insisting on about $30 billion in cuts. Obama countered with $31 Billion. Sensing that the Great Folder could outdo his recent feats, the Repoobs then countered again with $73 billion in cuts only to contain giggles as the President negotiated by agreeing to $73 billion in cuts. Wow, can this guy negotiate. Let’s Make a Deal, said the Repoobs. $73 billion is not enough. We want more. And more. Will Mr. Obagumby say that he’s got’em right where he wants ’em and give more and more? We await, on the edge of our chairs for his next…maybe a triple inside-out pretzel bend-over culminating with both hands extended through his crossed legs presenting the Repoobs a silver tray with the entire federal budget (sans military) neatly stacked, counted and ready for stuffing in the pockets of the Bigs everywhere. 

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