Nuclear Randomoniums

The Japanese people exemplify the definition stoicism: calm acceptance of all occurrences as the unavoidable result of divine will or of the natural order. Courage and calmness in the face if great adversity. One wonders how Americans would react in the face of such disaster. Would we calmly, diligently, collectively work together to rebuild, or would we arm ourselves with our arsenal of Glocks, Assault rifles, and shotguns, retreat to our bunkers and play out the survival of the fittest script written for the dark side of our national character. Let's hope we would not be frantically digging up our cache of gold coins and loading our ammo clips but instead show the stoicism and bravery that we are seeing in Japan.

Today there is a Hollywood script writer sketching out the screenplay for a TV movie called “The Fukushima Fifty… Nuclear Heroes Who Saved Japan.” It will air around Christmas time this year.

Republicans are already clenching their teeth and shaking their fists at nuclear namby-pamby liberals who are questioning the safety of U.S. Nuclear plants. Why do Republicans love nuclear energy so much? (maybe they wouldn't if those pinko liberal elitist were in favor of nuclear power..then they might be against it.) But, liberals tend to favor less dependence on non-renewable energy sources and greater energy diversity with alternative renewable forms such as solar, wind, geo- thermal (SWaG). Since Republicans (and many Dems, too), are in servitude to Big COG — Coal, Oil and Gas, the hobby lobby and campaign cash-poor alternatives are taboo. In the Republican World, Nukes Rule.

Will there ever be another nuke plant built in the U. S. ? Probably not. At least not until a place is found and agreed upon to store, i.e. bury the waste. No spent fuel rods,which are never totally “spent,” have ever been disposed. Thousands of tons of dangerous fuel sit submerged in pools or in outdoor concrete and steel casks at all U. S. nuclear facilities.

Best quote by a nuclear safety expert: “It's low (accident) probability and high consequences.”

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