Republicans: Obama Caused Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

Republican Leaders John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and other influencers yesterday said that blame for the recent devastating earthquakes & tsunami in Japan “lay squarely at the feet of this President and his reckless socialist policies.”
House Speaker Boehner singled out the health care reform law for particular blame. “The cataclysmic repercussions of this socialist takeover of our health care system has had tectonic consequences on our world,” he said.
Senate Leader McConnell pointed to Obama's Wall Street financial reform bill for “shaking the fundamental stability of the world's economic system.”
Former Governor Mike Huckabee weighed in with accusations of Obama's Kenyan Mau Mau ancestry for a de-stabilizing effect. “All that spear-chucking by Obama's grandfather's Kenyan anti-British terrorist friends obviously has had a delayed butter-fly effect shifting the globe's axis .. the first time this has happened since the creation of the world about 6,000 years ago,” he said.
According to Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Obama should apologize to America and Japan for his role in this disaster. “Since that historic day when our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence right here on the concourse of the Mall of America in 1932 freedom has been ringing across the world. Now the only ringing is in the ears of over-taxed anti-Liberty Bell sound of Tsunami warnings that Obama wants to re-locate that Famous Liberty Bell from Washington D. C. to his communist neighbor Bill Ayers' front yard.”
According to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, the Japan nuclear plant melt-downs could have been avoided if only Obama wasn't so lazy and sanctimonious about matrimony. “I loved my country so much that I sacrificed two marriages when my wives were worn out and sick. It's obvious that Obama's madrassa-fueled brain-washing has affected his judgement concerning adultery and left these nuclear power plants vulnerable.”
Former Alaska half-governor Sarah Palin tweeted: Obama = Disaster = Earthquakes = Tsunami.

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