2010: Foreclosed but Not Forgotten

2010: Foreclosed but Not Forgotten

Two thousand ten
Now a has-been
One to remember
One to recall It
Let's re-wind'er
A reminder
Of what went down
The rabbit hole.

The world came together
When the earth fell apart
Opened eyes
And rendered hearts
Real tears fell
For Lil' Haiti's Hell
Not like the Grim Weeper
John Boehner
The dim reaper
Of political gain
But for reasons much saner
Real human pain
That quake that hit her
Gave a purpose to Twitter.

The British finally revenged
All their tea
We once boiled in our sea
Their oiled gusher engulfed us
Tophat or topkill maybe sealed the deal
For a billion gallons of drill baby drill. While Obama fluctuated
On and off
Shore solutions to toil
In the oil fields of
Pollution's woes
Roiled the watery graves
Of eleven men
Down below.
So BP Tony went on the attack
By crying out loud
“I'd like my life back.”

Scary times full of fear
Villains and heros
Distract us from Bedbugs and
Prayer rugs near ground zero.
Down for a single count went Blago Not a hair out place upon his noggo. Christine O'Donnell's not so witchy Jail-baited Lindsay's becoming kitschy. Pope says you might enter the kingdom
Even if You don a condom.

We showed our maturity
At airport security
TSA in a funk
Bro, don't touch my junk
Don't taser my razor
Or laser my blazer
Like a wall street bonus
The onus is on you to prove
If you're too big to fail
Maybe u need corporate Sildenafil
Just ask your banker he won't tell.

Hacktavist wacktavist
Wiki whacks and hackey sacks
Miley Salvia-ating on a bong
Bristol dancing that was wrong
NPR tried raising millions
Backfired firing old Juan Williams
Once Groupon a time
Google eschewed evil as a crime
Bret Farve texting, what a croc Toyotas ran but now can't stop
We're sticker-shocked by a Chevy Volt Four Loko liquor rocked revolt.

Who won the World Cup in a sport called Soccer?
Best movie a Hurt Locker?
Another sport for White Men manly Needed an oversized cup called Stanley.
And a porn star's promise to play the vuvuzelas
Of her 23,000 twitterers if her team didn't loozala.
And with the Cup within reach
Like Lebron, took her talents to South Beach
Rather than heed the Octopus named Paul
Who predicted the land of nether would fall
Again like LeBron left fans in pain When her lovely Netherlands lost to Spain

Zombies and Vampires
Birthers flat-earthers
We're all stuck in Middle East quagmires
Heat-packing teabaggers steeping in ire
Talking taxes and bailouts and death panel
Scares Constitutional fundamentalist purity
Strap-on guns their rights to bear
But dangit don't touch my Social Security
Mortgage deduction or my Medicare. Deficits and the economy deep in a ditch
But teabaggers silent on tax cuts for the rich.

Good news bad news
Political whiners
The good-old-days piners
We're on the wrong track
Want to take our country back
Rescue it like Chilean miners
Return it to its glory
An eightieth century bad romance story.
But we got GaGa we got Glee
Justin Beiber, little dweeber
Math or science not in fashion
Laundry tan and gym
With Kim Kardashian
Devolution's a dead end Situation
But it's no flukie
For a girl named Snookie.

Foreclosures Posers
Political Hosers
Entered & exited stage left and right They took their turns
Bowed and texted c u lata
Our only hero in two o ten
Jetblew his job Steven Slater.
But in two 0 eleven
I'll dream a fantasy farce
That Lisbeth Salander kicks
Sarah Palin's grizzlied arse.

Two thousand ten
Now a has-been
One to remember
One to recall It
Let's re-wind'er
A reminder
Of what went down
The rabbit hole.

Happy New Year to all .. 2010 www.praajek.com

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