Merry Xmas, Mr. Bigbucks

The warm glow of the holiday season permeates this week, one in which we saw President Obama live up to the true Xmas spirit of  “It’s better to give than receive.” In announcing his “compromise” with Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, agreeing to give big New Year Bonuses to the nation’s wealthiest, our President certainly gave a lot more than he received. MillyBillyaires get two years of big tax cuts worth at least $40,000 a year (average is nearly $70,000) while the newly unemployed are available for up to 13 months of benefits worth about $300 a week. Such a deal!  The tax cuts for the rich will require the U.S. to borrow from China and Saudi Arabia up to a trillion dollars. Take that, Mr. Deficit !  President Obama says this is not a “short game” but  a “long game” explaining his strategy to accept small incremental gains (e.g. health care reform) in pursuit of longer-ranged goals. What he doesn’t seem to realize or to acknowledge is that the “game” did not kick off the day he was inaugurated two years ago. The Repoobs kicked off this game more than 30 years ago, pushing forward their return-to-the-Confederacy, take America Back (to the 18th century) game plan that now gives them red zone field position near the Democrat’s goal line. (sorry for the stupid sports metaphors, but Obama started it). Given the situation, with Repoobs ready to take over the House and dominate the Senate with their minority, Obama sees his capitulation as they pragmatic way out. Always pragmatism. Never standing firm, drawing the line and defending it, fighting for it. Maybe it’s time to discuss 2012 options.

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