With Obama Administration’s approval to house terrorist suspects now held in Guantánamo Bay in a rural Illinois prison, the right-wingnut weeping and wailing, muxing and bruxing is keeping them hooked on Ambien. What if the terrorist suspects escape and infiltrate or take over the bucolic village of Thompson, IL where the now-empty hi-security prison stands? What if terrorist buddies move to Thompson to be closer to their incarcerated buddies? Will the terrorist suspects be granted conjugal rights…with a local girl or boy they fall in love with during a Christian-like compassion visit and then get married? Will they be allowed to Twitter? Damn, so many things could go wrong that could lead to decreased American security. One major safeguard the residents of Thompson could employ would be to remove all monkey bars from public playgrounds and backyards. As we all know, there is nothing a terrorist suspect would like better than to escape and head to the closest set of monkey bars in order to get back in shape for further terrorist acts. Monkey bars… Get rid of ’em.

3 thoughts on “Illigitmo”

  1. You hit it right on the head Praajek. You got me think'in bout those damn terrorist and them steppin foot on our U.S. soil. Damn right they might escape and what if they were to come across a set of monkey bars and decided to do a little train'in and get in proper condition to terrorize and were to come in contact with some of our kids. Man, I see bad things commin. You know, they might mistake our kids ski cap as a turban and their backback as an explosive totin device and try to recruit em..!!! Thats bullshit man, we got enough Army and Marine recruiters already doin that! Then again, whats the odds of a terrorist, or anyone else for that matter actually witnessing a kid playing outdoors. Where's my playstation??


  2. Let dem tourists share a jail wit all dem Illinois guvners! That'll show 'em! Give 'em a taste of our kinda freedom and democratcy and they'll trade dere korans for bibles!



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