Tiger’s Taste

Jeeze, who could blame the poor guy…when faced with such temptation…his homely, haggard housewife, Elin (in swimsuit):

or killer hottie Kalika Moquin (headshot)….>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anagrams for tiger woods
Ow its gored !
Does it grow ! 

Got Wise Rod ?

3 thoughts on “Tiger’s Taste”

  1. Come on man, maybe Kalika swallows, it DOES matter……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gee I'll have your kids,just don't put that thing near my mouth..!!


  2. Oh my God, Tiger is such an ASSHOLE…!!! Not!! What kind of woman signs a Pre-nup? Tiger's is my kind of dude. I think Elin needs to be prosecuted for domestic assault and can cop to an Alfred plea of no contest. She should be placed on a two year probationary agreement contingent upon Tiger's succesful completion of GOLF'S crown jewel, the Grand Slam..!!!


  3. If I were Tiger, I'd dump that golf club wielding, husband abusing Sweed. Hell, good lookin chicks like that are a dime a dozen. Now is a good time to use your mulligan!!


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