Dear Young Comrades In Education:

Praajek has just received from an unnamed source in the White House speech-writing office a copy of a first draft of his controversial speech to school children advocating his socialist agenda. Here are excerpts:

Dear Young Comrades: Welcome back from your voluntary summer of service to your local community and future great nation…which some in our old capitalist system refer to as “vacation.” As we celebrate our nation’s workers this Labor Day season, it is a time to praise the collective will of the people who pay thru honorable taxes the costs of your worthy education and future service to the state. It is also a time to remind you of your collective responsibility to achieve greatness thru your state-funded education, not for the sake of personal aggrandizement, but for the collective good of our worker society. Today is the not only the first day of the Peoples’ Education Calendar, it is the first day of another noble opportunity for each of you to work is unison thru brother/sisterhood for the worthy goal of distributing the wealth of our soon to be, under my Beloved Leadership, great nation. Go forth, Young Comrades..conquer and overcome your old capitalist fears of competition, work together in egalitarian fellowship and read daily together from my Teachings of Your Beloved Leader for the wisdom you need and seek in your communitarian lives.
…President Obama

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