Obama…What You Didn’t Do on Your Summer Vacation, or Hillary Dreams

Although President Obama took a shorter vacation than most previous Presidents (Bush spent almost four of his eight years on vacation…true!) it seems he’s been “on vacation” since at least last April. Riding high from election and inauguration celebrations, Mr. Obama smiled, waved and basked in the reality that, yes, he did… become President. Since then the Big O’s balloon has suffered a slow leak, gradually yet noticeably losing its volume, its over-stretched outer skin now flaccid and wrinkly to eyes that can now view it close up, (like a Hollywood actor in real-life, imperfect and overblown) scraping the treetops not soaring in the skies. What happened? Despite Senate and House majorities, a blue state sweep of the nation and a mandate to effect “change we can believe in” Mr. Obama turned timid and Milquetoastian, morphing from bold hard-charging campaigner to meek and cautious Professor Obama, suede elbow patches flying flagrante delicto. While naively seeking bi-partisanship with never-say-bi repooblicans, on health care reform, Obama’s signature issue, he’s gone from nice-guy to mice-guy. Timid and nervous, afraid to offend, Obama’s converted the bully pulpit into a whimpering supplicating kneepad. In Afghanistan, he’s been mesmerized by the Generals to escalate with more bucks and blood. Where’s the Professor’s sense of history in regard to that moonscape country of battle-tested war-loving warlords. What’s next, Mr. Obama, a Bushy surge? “Fight’em there so we won’t have to fight’em here?” Just waiting for Obama to issue forth with a stupid Bush “Bring’em on….” Hey, even Bush, although dumb as a post, knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to say it and go after it.

It hurts to even think this, but I had a dream about Hillary the other night. She at least has, as Illinois Guv. Blago once called “testicular fortitude.” Obama needs some personal health care reform. His “T” levels appear to be low. Some serious hormone replacement therapy is just what the doctor should prescribe. If not, then Hillary will continue to haunt my dreams.

1 thought on “Obama…What You Didn’t Do on Your Summer Vacation, or Hillary Dreams”

  1. Well “P”, how was that speech for a Hillary dreamscape..!! Rather reassuring huh? Son of a gun can talk and convincing as well. I've been reeled in once again, not that I was ever overboard. I think our President finally woke up scratching his gonads instead of rubbing his eyes. Once again I will take him at his word and wait and see if he truly understands that health care reform, not insurance reform, not only defines the character of our country but the character of his Presidency as well his humanity. Sweet dreams “P”. I can go back to dreaming of Shikura..!!!!!! Suuu Weeeet


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