Brazil Wins Olympics…Chicago Loses Bid….War Imminent !

COPENHAGEN –Despite a strong, but not impassioned, pitch by President Obama to the International Olympic committee here today for holding the 2016 Summer Olympics in Chicago, the committee voted to award the summer games to Brazil. The committee’s announcement, released shortly following Obama’s speech, surprised the President and his Olympic US promotion team which had believed that the President’s home city Chicago would be selected. The US promotion team, led by Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, left Denmark immediately following the announcement without comment to the media. In a statement released by the White House the President said he would request that the United Nations Security Council approve a resolution condemning the Olympic Committee’s decision and implement strong economic sanctions against both the the Denmark and Brazilian governments. “I have every hope that the Security council will approve the deployment of NATO military forces to Copenhagen,” the President’s stated. This rogue nation’s decision to deny Chicago the opportunity to host these vitally important athletic competitions in 2016 is, in my view, tantamount to an act of war. We take this ill-fated decision( by the Committee) to reward Brazil as not only hostile to American and Chicagoan economic interests, but as evidence that the Brazilian government is secretly harboring weapons of mass destruction and implementing a covert nuclear weapons facility.”

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