Boomer Doom

The health care reform “debate,” not much of a real debate so far with gun-totin’ Lyndon LaDouche, NRA, and other wacky hate groups dominating the town-hall discussions, has focused on the ridiculous lie that Obama wants government bureaucrat-staffed “death panels” to make decisions on “end of life” options, or as the President himself described “pulling the plug on grandma.” Fueled by Sarah “The Quitter” Palin, Repooblican House leader John “The Fake Tan Cigarette Man” Boehner, the goofy “death panel” charge actually grabbed some traction and along with the “public option-socialist health care” lies has succeeded in digging serious potholes for Obama’s health care reform initiatives.

The “death panel” idea was actually touched on humorously in Christopher Buckley’s (son of late conservative-elitist William F. Buckley) 2007 novel, “Boomsday.” The story features a hot, late twenties PR blogger babe who half-seriously proposes that Baby Boomers, when reaching retirement commit to committing suicide (Voluntary Transitioning) in order to reduce Social Security burdens on her generation and ameliorate boomer drain on economic resources. In exchange for pulling the plug on themselves at an agreed-upon age, Boomers would receive government incentives such as free Botox, Viagra and exemptions from estate taxes. The idea catches fire nationally as the whateva-genners take to retirement villages and burn down (up) boomer golf courses. A presidential contender runs on the voluntary transitioning platform rousing the ire of the Catholic Church and rightwing-nut christian hate mongers. It’s all funnier than it sounds. If only the “Obama Death Panels” fabrications were so funny.
Check out Bill Maher’s imagined TV game show, “American Death Panel.

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