Who Murdered Michael Jackson? I’ve Got a Clue!

The Lost Boyz. Weapon: their parents. In the bedroom.

Rev. Sharpton. Weapon: a tawana brawley trash bag. Outside the window.

Ms. “Peacock.” Weapon: donated eggs. In the laboratory.

Sista Janet. Weapon: her exposed breast (a killa not a thrilla). In the conservatory.

Mrs. Rowe. Weapon: her lawyers. In the study.

Professor Dr. Murray. Weapon: pills, pills and more pills. In the dining room.

2 thoughts on “Who Murdered Michael Jackson? I’ve Got a Clue!”

  1. Latoya is the real killer. Latoya is Micheal, or was Micheal. Micheal Jackson has been dead for years and his sister Latoya took his place. It was the only way to keep the money flowing. Look closely at recent photos of Micheal. He did'nt transform himself, she turned into him. The stories of his plastic surgeries were the perfect antidote for the coverup. Never once had anyone seen Latoya and Micheal together at the same time in recent years. Latoya, finally exhausted with the masquerade, replaced herself (Micheal) with a homeless, semi- black, heroin addict from an L.A shelter then called in Doc Murray to turn the last page on the M.J. Neverland story.


  2. What really killed Jackson were his new dance routines and moves that resembled Neo-Nazis marching and saluting and his new signature “field sobriety” leg and foot work. That would be the death of anyone, especially for those paying to watch..!!!


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