Hurricane Bob?

Hurricane Claudette, we hardly knew ye….blown away by Hurricane Bill. What’s with naming hurricanes anyway? Why always whitebread names…where’s the healthy whole wheat fiber? Where’s hurricane Darnell, Lateshia, Precious, Darius, Jamal, Tyrone, DeShawn, Tayshaun. Here are the National Hurricane Center‘s 2009 Atlantic names for hurricanes:
* Ana * Bill * Claudette * Danny * Erika * Fred * Grace * Henri * Ida * Joaquin * Kate * Larry * Mindy * Nicholas * Odette * Peter * Rose* Sam* Teresa * Victor* Wanda. (ok, Henri, Joaquin and Odette are a bit more exotic) Otherwise….boring. I want a Hurricane Johnelle.

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Bob?”

  1. Yo essay, wadup man? Dees hurricane names may not have no whole wheat fiber but dey got plenty of good ole mexican flatbread bro. We have Ernesto, Hugo, Rafeal, Philippe, Alberto, Luis, Humberto, Hermine, Jose, Pablo, Lorenzo and even my own namesake,Cristobal..!! Hey man, whole wheat got da White House, Gringo's got da ski slopes, and we got high winds and torential downpours, Aaaaa..!!!


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