Just Let Michael Vick Do His Animal Abuse on the Field on Sundays

You would think that Michael Vick had just been released from prison for child molestation, mass rape, serial murders and exposing himself in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary. Ok, the guy abused dogs…organizing dog fights, a “sport” man has engaged in since the beginning of canine domestication. Vick spent time in the Big House for his crimes…and now is being vilified by football fans for his recent hiring by the Philadelphia Eagles; the same fans who glorify the mayhem, human abuse and violence that Vick will now engage in for their Sunday amusement. I love dogs as much as the next animal-lover..and don’t condone dog fighting…but get a grip people. Vick paid the price…was punished for his sins and now just wants to inflict a little Sunday human pain and suffering between the goal posts. Let him do his thang, people.

2 thoughts on “Just Let Michael Vick Do His Animal Abuse on the Field on Sundays”

  1. Hey “P” whats up? Man, I have to get something off my chest. For fear of being chastised like that poor slob Damaage'd a few weeks back, I have to come clean and state, probably the most un-American, un-patriotic, and certainly the most immoral opinion of all; I hate and despise dogs..!! There, I said it. I only wish Mr Vick would come out of the closet as well and admit the same. Bear with me a moment and let me explain my feelings. I grew up as a child in the late 60's, passing papers on bike in the worst economically deprived neighborhood in my home town. Please keep in mind that this was pre- pooper scooper, pre- leash law times. I was chased, bitten, and terrorized by these beasts and I reacted in a manner that would make Vick look like a PETA pacifist. In self defense, I would kick, stone and ammonia vapor these animals. I don't like them and they don't like me. Do you ever notice that it's ok to say that you don't like cats. Well, I don't like them either. I don't like animals period..!! Well,I suppose cows are alright, at least they hang out in pastures where you expect to find land mines.! They also taste pretty good. I'm particularly disgusted when these beasts are taken outside to do the “2” and are brought back into the home and allowed to breakdance their rears on the same carpet were their children are assembling Legg'os. You may as well install 30 squares of sod in the front room!! I don't think dogs even like themselves. They are certainly suicidal How often do you criuse down a friendly street and a dog jumps out in front of you and makes you feel guilty for the next 100 yards after experiencing the feel of bone and cartilage beneath your Bridgstones!! Well,anyway, considering Americas love and loyality to these animals, I've come up with an idea to put a stop to and hopefully end our current involvement in Iraq and Afganistan. Start an air assault using canines. Instead of using white phosphorus for night illumination, use seeing eye dogs. When these animals are gunned down instead of our sons and daughters, perhaps there will be an outcry to end these wars.


  2. At which point in time did the concern for a dogs life supercede the life of a human? Dante Stallworth, highly paid star for the Cleveland Browns gets drunk, runs over and kills a man. Mr Stallworth serves 3 days in jail, 2 years, mansion arrest, one year suspension from performing his million dollar job and pay an undisclosed sum of money to the dead mans family. Damn, I did 33 months for selling a gram of blow to a consenting adult and 4 years of 110 sq ft apt arrest..!!! Oh well! Ray Lewis, all Pro, future Hall Of Fame'r and star of the Baltimore Ravens, indicted in the stabbing deaths of two rappers in Atlanta following an all night drug feast prior to the Super Bowl. Charges reduced to obstruction after snitching on his friends from Florida. Three game suspension and a fulfilling career. How does Micheal Vick keep a straight face when addressing ( court ordered) school children about the dangers of dog fighting? How many kids do you know that frequent dog fights or are going to grow up doing so? These kids are probably high on pot and pills and they are being lectured on dog fighting. Maybe it's the newest rave, like Nascar..!!


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