Most Absurd Headline

Leave it yo the good old gray lady New York Times to hire a headline writer to “pen” this July 13 headline:
“It lacks the Swaggar of 'Borat' but 'Bruno' opens on Top at the Box Office”.
SWAGGER??? No no no. Swagger is John Wayne, goofy George W. Bush in a flight suit . Swagger is “swaggar”…it's what Fity Cent does, what half of country western singers try to do: a fake dishonest machismo that says “hey, in case you missed it I'm a man.”
The new Sasha Cohen Baron film, “Bruno” is about an over-the-top, bend-ova backwards gay fashionista from Austria who visits homophobic America. Bruno don't do “swaggar.” Limp-wristfuls of mincing and princing, but no swagger. Hey, can't wait to see “Bruno.” Try to get some sleep til I post my review.

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