Goofy Golfy

Recent NY Times article quoted a golf pro instructor saying that one of the worst things golfers could do before a round was hit golf balls on the practice range.
“Going to the range usually messes the average golfer up for the whole day,”
“They should start by just swinging several different clubs without hitting anything,” he said. “Warm up your swing and your muscles for maybe 10 minutes.

Response from one dedicated Praajek follower to this advice:

“The key word is “average” golfer and that's all any and most of us will ever hope to be. With that in mind, here are a few realistic warm up routines I have instilled in my game. 1st, walk vigorously to the clubhouse and order 18 Miller products with ice and methodically place in an Igloo cooler. Commence ingesting aprox 48 oz's prior to first tee. This will alleviate most 1st tee stresses. The 12 oz curl is imperative for proper elbow and shoulder function as well as eye/ hand coordination. Continue this practice throughout the round, staggering your Millers every other hole or as needed. Should this routine be so sucessful to the point of potentially lowering your handicap, reach into your bag and light up a big fat one, deeply inhaling to the point of a mild cough, but not to disturb other “average'rs”. This will certainly insure a double or triple bogey or possibly a quad. This will virtually guarantee the stabilization of current handicap status
for future gambling ventures. If these suggested routines are rigorously followed, a most fulfilling round will be earned.”

Having played golf on occasions, I have to agree. That's what I've come to appreciate about golf….it's not an athletic endeavor… Nor a real sport.. But rather just a past-time like playing cards. What other professional sport, which golf purports to be, allows you to bring a personal butler along to carry your equipment and counsel you as to how to play the game? Ha… Gotta love a “sport” like that.

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