Making the Islamic World Safe for Housew

Good news – bad news..Afgan-style. Marital rape, or sex on-demand outlawed. But wives must still submit to housework on-demand. Now that's progress. And you thought we were spending $ billions and killing innocent civilians with unmanned Predator drones and wasting American lives for nothing?

1 thought on “Making the Islamic World Safe for Housew”

  1. Hey Praajek, I'd like to address all the new sexually liberated Afgan housewives and let them know that misery loves American company. Here in America ladies, we too have disgruntled housewives, namely those married to the likes of John Ensign, Larry Craig, Elliot Spitzer, John Edwards, Mark Sanford, and David Vitter. I'm laying odds that these woman might appreciate a little marital vs esteem rape or even some sex on demand vs humili/dumped on demand..!! We certainly have our own Predator drones right here in the ole USA and they mainly go by their covert name, the GOP, or in some circles, the immoral minority. Cheer up Afgan wives, housework aint all that bad..!!!


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