The Real Moon Landing… & Vampires

Those moonwalk conspirisists, estimated to be about six percent of
Americans who believe that the 1969 moon landing was faked, created
and filmed in an earthly studio, have it all wrong. Recently-released
NASA videos..purportedly restored and enhanced, have just been issued
and prove these luney moonies have huge craters in their theories.
NASA's new films clearly show that the “landing” actually took place,
not in a Hollywood movie lot, but was filmed on the planet Vampira, a
blood-red secret moon of our moon, totally hidden from earthly eyes by
ancient red clouds of Vampira Dusta. The Apollo XI astronaughts
overshot our cheesy Man-in-the-Moon and landed instead on Vampira, a
much smaller planet that scientists and astromoners have kept
conspiritorily TOP SECRET from the world's public masses. What the
Apollo “moon” astronaughts brought back to earth were not moon rocks,
but rather boots and suits covered in red Vampira Dusta.

Billions and billions of light years ago … even before there were
light years, there were “Dark” years…years in which Vampires stalked
and ruled the galaxies. A cataclysmic eruption on planet Vampira wiped
out all life sending torrents of Vampire blood incinerated into dust
as a protective cloud enshrouding it from earth eyes. Until 1969 when
Neil Armstrong mistakenly set boot on the dried-blood surface. When
the Apollo boys landed back on earth, they spread the dark red Vampira
Dusta on earth. Our Government has kept us in the dark about this…
But now I am revealing the truth… It took almost 40 years for the
Vampira Dusta the incubate on earth. Now just look at the New York
Times bestseller book list. Five of the top bestsellers are Vampire
books. We are quietly, in the still of the night, becoming obsessed
with Vampires. It is now our fate, which the Government has covered up
for 40 years, to slowly yet inexororably, populate the earth with

Is it a coincidence that earth's first “living” Vampire, Michael
Jackson, just conveniently dies weeks before the 40th Anniversary of
the lunar landing? The very Vampire Jackson who mesmerized the world
with his “moonwalk?”

Luney Moony moonlanding conspirisists, you got it wrong. Now you know.

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2 thoughts on “The Real Moon Landing… & Vampires”

  1. Cynthia, please get up to Tree Tops fast, our boy is losing it, I mean it. He's been there way too long by himself and tell him to lay off the skunk for minute, for real..!!!


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