The Good Died Younger

Robert Strange McNamara, the slick-haired “boy wonder” president of Ford Motors and “smartest man” John F. Kennedy said he knew and who appointed him as his war czar in 1961, died July 6. He managed the Vietnam war with his then-unique skills of systems analysis and tacitly sent thousands of young Americans to often gruesome deaths in the jungles of Vietnam. He later, in his long 93 year life, admitted that he knew the war was futile but failed to share his doubts. He died quietly and peacefully in his sleep.

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1 thought on “The Good Died Younger”

  1. Fuck him. He was responsible for the death and maiming of tens of thousands of young American boys and an unknown number of Vietnamese. Read the Pentagon Papers. He knew that the war was hopeless, a lost cause, and irrelevant to American national security. So why did he continue to let the propaganda machine roll out the same old bullshit during his term in office and afterwards? Just like most political figures: fear of embarrassment, the desire to hold onto power, and the never-ending quest for more power and glory. May he rot in hell for his sins.


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