Michael Jackson … It’s all our fault.

Watching clips of the Pop King's extravaganza memorial and the concurrent non-stop media coverage it's clear that the fifty year old dancer-singer was really Jesus Christ re-incarnated. His songs of love and oneness, His miracle feet able to walk on the moon while earth bound, His Love of little children…. His betrayal by those closest to Him and His eventual crucifixion on the cross of modern culture….how could we not see? How could we let our prejudices against plastic surgery and skin whiteners blind us to the real vision of His Holiness, Jesus Jackson Christ. Forgive us, oh Sequinned Gloved One. In three days Ye shall Rise Again. I'm coloring eggs in anticipation.

1 thought on “Michael Jackson … It’s all our fault.”

  1. I know one thing. He is the perfect candidate for an open casket. He, physically at least,will have changed little..!!


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