King of Whiteface?

King of Whiteface?

A comment from Anonymous to my recent post about Mike Jackson's death warrants being undug from the “comments” section… Here it is…
Yea “P” the little man boy will certainly be missed as well as the boundries he sucessfully crossed. Micheal Jackson, the Asa Yoelson ( Al Jolson ) of the 21st century, only in WHITEFACE. The similarities are remarkable. ( Al Jolson A Biography by John Kenrick ) Both would remain emotional children for their entire lives, both sentimentalist with hearts of gold, who conquered and in turn ignored young woman, and both would be refered to as man-boys. Jacko would cross the ultimate racial barrier by doing everything humanly possible in transforming his African ethnic makeup. He took a page right out Griffins ” Black Like Me” He would change his appearence and instead of going south, Jacko would run the gauntlet through Motown and Harlam. This could never had happened in the 60's with the likes of Bobby Seal,Eldridge Cleaver and Dick Gregory spouting the belief(and rightfully so) that black is beautiful..!! Our most famous man-boy also redefined the
American socio-sexual environment, performing for the masses simulating female masterbation, one hand caressing his breast, the other hand between his crotch, minus the middle finger. It would become a Jacko trademark. The King of Pop, for sure but maybe, just like Jolson, the King of Vaudeville as well..!
SAT JUN 27, 08:45:00 PM 2009

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1 thought on “King of Whiteface?”

  1. Yo “P”, appreciate the encore above..!! But all things aside, there are bigger wimps to wrestle other than Jacko..!! I'm talking about the Sanford and Hon debacle. This man, for lack of a better word, is a disgrace to all self loathing adulterers on the planet. This guy is a minor league rookie and his admissions, not his actions, disgust me. Being a long time hiker of the Appy trails and a full fledged loyalist of the “Jump'em, Pump'em, and Dump'em society, Sanfords slobbering detailed admissions are reprehensible. He sounds like the boy at band camp discussing his second base attempts while at the same time admitting that he once buried a flute in his girlfriends twat, although he never crossed the line. Hit the bench wimp, try gymnastics..!! All seasoned “Trailblazers” know the golden rule, never admit to shit..!! If caught in the act, the only response should be “are you going to believe “me” or your lying eyes” ?? Retire Gov,you are no longer worthy.


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