Gawd, Guns, Gays and Grizzlies

While President Obama and Democrats fight to rescue the economy…the HR-passed credit card bill for example….Republicans take on the Big Issues that Americans are really concerned with. By tacking on a special Amendment to the credit card bill, which blocks deceptive and abusive credit card practices by banks, the Republicans showed America who really cares for them, which party is looking out for their best interests.

What is this Republican amendment that Americans have hungered after and which will likely propel the Republicans back to national leadership? The Amendment allows all Americans, and non-Americans, to carry firearms in National Parks. Whew ! Thank Gawdalmighty I can finally visit a Yellowstone National Park and feel safe with my fully automatic Glock 18.

Republicans have been running on four basic wedge-issues for decades. God (that covers a multitude of sins); Guns (anti-gun control); Gays (anything non-traditional in American life); and Grizzlies (anti-environmental issues). With this heat-packin’ amendement to the Credit Card bill, Republicans have hit two of their best-loved issues, guns and grizzlies. Now, to fine-tune this Right-2-Bear Arms legislation, Repoobs should ban Gays from enjoying the fruits of this special new law. Nuthin’ more dangerous than a gun-totin’ ho-mo-sex-u-al in a National Park. Armed to the teeth, you never know what kind of pree-verted thangs them gay might make them park bears do. Former Repoob Senator Rick “Man-on-Dog” Santorum, where are you, boy?

1 thought on “Gawd, Guns, Gays and Grizzlies”

  1. Listen here Buddyboy, you about in a heepa trouble messin with our guns. Don't comme down here with yo talk about taking our AK470's. We almost got a carry-on-campus law passed in the just shot down ledg. Keep stirrin up that shit and our nit-wit Guv Goodhair will suceed and declare wawr on you Yankee types. Just found your family cartoon & thought I'd deal you some wisdom. Your Unc-in-Law Garland


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