Mountain Mama Contest

Just back from a wild and wooly weekend in fashionable southern Ohio and West Virginia where the Mrs. West Virginia pageant was held at the Pullman Plaza Hotel in Huntington, WV (smelly elevators, but nice staff). Although did not attend the event it was rumored that one of the questions asked by a judge (a Mr. Crittater Joseph, a well-known local patron of the arts and admirer of beautiful women) asked one of the contestants this question: ” Do you believe in and support Same-Family Marriage? When the Mrs. Contestant replied that she did not, she was loudly booed and subsequently disqualified.

2 thoughts on “Mountain Mama Contest”

  1. Let me tell ya somthin about us West By God Virginins! We got us a motto up here dat says
    “if she aint good enouf fer her own family, she sure as hell cant be no good to nobody else”


  2. Hey there Mr. Pretty Boy Praajek, don't you go makin fool of West Virginians, and paleeze, don't go makin jokes about beauty pagents, I was the corn squeezin queen back in 2003 before I popped out our baby boy, at our county fair in Van West Virginia. I won first place and got to be in our town parade right behind the grand marshall, a truly honorable position I might add. My old man Randolph said he might want to give you a judie chop if you keep messin with us west virginians. So if you want to keep yur pretty boy looks,and theys nice looks too, don't go trash mouthin west virginians.


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