• Is Nancy Pelosi trying to bring back the big shoulders 80’s look or has she just not bought any new clothes lately.
  • New York Times Guidelines for Submitting a Wedding Announcement: Couples posing for pictures should arrange themselves with their eyebrows on exactly the same level and with their heads fairly close together. Couple pictures should be printed in a horizontal format.
  • 9-11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, is now referred to in most media outlets as KSM. Guess after enduring 183 waterboardings in one month one gets a cute appellation…”mastermind KSM.” Wonder if OBL is jealous. (Hey, is this guy still in Gitmo, or have we turned him over to DBC (Dicky Bruce Cheney?).
  • Don’t know about you but I”m glad Obama’s not releasing any more torture photos. Seeing lots of Dick Cheney on TV recently fulfills any morbid curiosity I might harbor about what the face of torture looks like.
  • What did Bats do to piss off God so much. First it made them bats. Now it’s killing them-off with a white-nose fungus.

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