Flying Fatties

Airline carriers’ recent policy to require obese passengers to purchase two seats (or three, if needed?) has sparked a lot of useless media discussion. My plan is better. All passengers step on the scales at check-in and pay according to their weight. If you exceed a baseline weight for your height, you pay an increase accordingly. Someone said that making fun, jokes, etc. of fat people is the last taboo..that fat people are the last minority we can make fun of…only problem with that is that in the U.S. the “overweight and obese” now make up the majority.

1 thought on “Flying Fatties”

  1. And let us not forget to distribute these weighty passengers according to airliners specified capabilities designed for thrust and lift.Your comment about weighing in passengers is well taken. At Delta, safety is our # 1 concern!!! We also at Delta serve low cal,low fat snacks for the convience for our weighty payloaders.


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