Next 100 Days….Let’s Look Back

Maybe he didn’t want to clutter-up his first 100 Days. After all, he did have to deal with an economic china syndrome and all the poisons exposed below. Then there’s health care. And the auto industry…and a host of ills inherited from the Cheney-Bush Regime. Let’s move on, don’t look back…look forward, he says. Not worry about the past. If America tortured people to save us from terrorists attacks, then so be it. We won’t do it again. So let’s move on.

Obama’s done a lot of what’s right during our first 100 Days, but his failure to stand up for America’s core values and investigate those who broke its laws and made us less safe, more vulnerable and less a guiding moral force in the world of nations is his greatest failure so far. It may well be the overarching failure of his Administration.

One commenter to my recent post said:
“Maybe Obama is in denial. I want to hear our President tell the Jewish Community to forget the Holocaust and just move forward or tell the victims of child abuse to not pursue legal action but just move foreward. I wish Obama would lead by example and “serve” his country by upholding the laws before inviting others into “service.”

Paul Krugman in the April 24 NY Times said it too:

“Sorry, but what we really should do for the sake of the country is have investigations both of torture and of the march to war. These investigations should, where appropriate, be followed by prosecutions — not out of vindictiveness, but because this is a nation of laws.

We need to do this for the sake of our future. For this isn’t about looking backward, it’s about looking forward — because it’s about reclaiming America’s soul.”

Read his full editorial, “Reclaiming America’s Soul.”

3 thoughts on “Next 100 Days….Let’s Look Back”

  1. In all fairness to Mr Obama and as well as you have pointed out, he has certainly had a plate full made for a glutton of “swine” proportions!!The equivalent of the “Old 96er” I think it’s perhaps only natural to be a little overwhelmed with the helpings!! For that very reason I would like to officially name our Presidents first 100 days as the “Pig” period of his Presidency. He has had to deal with the Hog wash spewing from the snouts of Chenney, Rumsfeld, and Rove as well as the our Hogish financial institutions sloping up Tarp funds and hog the funds for themselves. I would already be full!! He has tried to address the American ( hoggish) obesity crisis as well as the morning after pill in order for our little ones to continue “making beacon” with few regrets.What comes down the trough next? Swine flu pandemic. Attempting to compromise an already fragile economy. Hope he has a barf bag close by!!!


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