Hugo, Obama, and the Dick

There was no smell of sulfur at last week’s Summit of the Americas. Venezeula’s El Thugo, Hugo Chavez, missed George Bush and his after-shave scent of Satan. Instead, he got a whiff of Obamaman, a strong, confident, clean smell exuding strength and honesty of character. Obama was confident enough to shake the little wwf wrestler-dictator’s hammy hand…a gesture that said to the world…yo, dude, you don’t scare us. Bunker Boi Dick, “The Dick” Cheney, self-proclaimed president-in-exile, condemned “The Handshake” as a sign of jimmycarter-style weakness. As opposed to Bush-Cheney-style weakness and insecurity that demanded a captured terrorist be water-board tortured six times a day for 30 days. Torturing prisoners is Cheney’s standard of a strong nation. Shaking the hand of an opponent is weakness in his tortured mind. Phew, what’s that odor coming from the Dick’s bunker in Hell?

Must read book of the week: #2 seller on
The Open Veins of Latin America…five centuries of the pillage of a Eduardo Galeano. Presented to President Obama by Hugo Chavez.

3 thoughts on “Hugo, Obama, and the Dick”

  1. You know something “P”, there’s one thing that pisses me off and that’s the correlation between weakness and Jimmy Carter. You know what’s weak?, our current President being bullied and shoved around like some little bitch by the likes of Dick ( head ) Chenney and Carl ( beluga whale head )Rove.The man campaigned on the platform of openess, “transparency”, values, American as well as family. He took the oath, now,how about upholding the fcuking laws. Handshakes don’t make you look weak but obstructing justice certainly does!!! The American public is not in rehab. We don’t need the 12 step program of being told to not look back, only forward.If thats the case, how about making ammends to the American public and unleash the dogs. Maybe Obama is in denial. I want to hear our President tell the Jewish Community to forget the Holocost and just move forward or tell the victims of child abuse to not pursue legal action but just move foreward. I wish Obama would lead by example and “serve” his country by upholding the laws before inviting others into “service” Come on , grow some balls man!!!


  2. That smell ain’t comming from Dick’s bunker in hell.The sulfur odor is being emmited from the seat of the Presidential pants of Obama. I think he craps them every time Dick.C dares him to fight, dares him to indict, dares him to be right and no justice in sight!!! P uuuu.


  3. It must be during these times of looking forward and not backward and allowing war crimes to go on unpunished that makes Michele O finally proud to be an American and proud of her country! Thats alright honey, stand by your man. And I am equally proud of Michele’s continued courage in wearing sleaveless dresses! Go girl!!


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