* national obsession with chewing on pre-digested food, belched up from first stomach of ruminants (cud-chewing)

Does anyone under age 70 listen to Flush Phlegmball? Let’s be honest here…this guy’s audience base are geezer rednecks.

Is the nation finally thru agonizing over First Lady Michelle’s sleeveless dresses and muscular arms?(does she need a Snuggie?) What’s next, a national discussion of her Dress Barn-size booty? Remember E.U.’s Da Butt?

A college in Liverpool, England is offering a Master’s Degree in Beatle-ology. Maybe some Kentucky college could offer a GED certificate in Billy Ray Cyrus-ology…achy-breaky studies.

Has anyone ever seen a more sad-sack, depressed-looking, barely-engaged person than Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner? I know the economy is down, but couldn’t this guy ever smile or show some sign that real blood flows thru his veins?

(like my photoshoped pic of Flush above?…Shepard Fairly did it with an AP pic of Obama and became a rich posterboy…hmmm)

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