Snuggies? Naw…try these..

Put down that phone…do not call that toll-free number to purchase your new Snuggie…the blanket with sleeves…do not join the millions of Snuggie-wuggies until you have seen Praajek’s new line of products WITH SLEEVES. These new warmers WITH SLEEVES are just what you need on these cold recession (depression?) plagued evenings. With a Snuggie, you are only covered in the front, all hospital gowney leaving your backside exposed to the elements. Praajek’s new line of recession-warmers…WITH SLEEVES…will warm your cockles and arms and make you the envy of your friends. To hell with your 401k…stay really warm where you really need it with Praajek’s new warmers WITH SLEEVES.

The Chuggie…it’s a chair WITH SLEEVES !

The Tuggie…it’s a toilet WITH SLEEVES !

….and just off the Child China assembly lines, the new Buggie, a bed pillow WITH SLEEVES !

Operators are sitting, peeing and sleeping…(in sleeves) to take your orders. For more info email them at

4 thoughts on “Snuggies? Naw…try these..”

  1. What up yo? I gotta talk some serious bidess “P”. First of all, the chuggies, huggies, tuggies even “With sleeves” was very entertaining,possibly even “cute”.But yo, da fan base is thirsty for some sub-stance,for real.We lookin for your take on the RNC’s Steele Reserve,the John Shaft of the repoobs. How about the proposed bill banning Barbies in West Virginia? Come on “P”, keep it a hundred!! Where are you, back up in Estes Park, where the clouds resemble Chicago’s. Get real bra, and get back to work, jeez


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