Rocky Mountain Sigh

What does one do in Estes Park, Colorado in February? Poor Praajek awoke one morning last week in Estes Park, CO…(don’t ask why)…answer: not much. See Elk. (elk at church…praying after previous night of staggering) Eat elk…slightly bitter, chewy and elky; and drink beer. Best was “Staggering Elk” with dancing elk labeling the bottle and singing “Born to be Wild.”
Best Book Shop: MacDonald Book Shop. Despite commercial covers of Janet Evanovich, John Grisham and Lisa Scotaline leaning provocatively in the window, this warm and homey tiny shop feels like a real book store with narrow dark stacks, a slightly musty page and paper aroma and books by real authors such as T.C. Boyle and Denis Johnson. And not to sound to much like a travel guide, if you do ever awake one morning in Estes Park and look out windows or tents to see panoramas of snow peaked mountains, (kinda boring…I thought they were clouds….like we see in Chicago) you might as well check out the only touristy place worth your time….the Stanley Hotel….built in 1906 by Stanley the Steamer himself…one of his steamy autos sits in the lobby.
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1 thought on “Rocky Mountain Sigh”

  1. Good God “P”, what the hell are doing venturing outside the smog and asphalt jungle of Chicago. How’s it feel gettin high on altitude versus the alternative? I’d almost bet that the last thing green you touched outside of a rollin paper is the surface of the green cement at your tennis club. You should have had ole “Desi” here to give you the tour of the Big Thompson Canyon and it’s associated creek. Thats my old stompin grounds, for real!!Take for instance, did you visit the go-cart track upon entering Estes? How about the scenic hike to the famous Boys Scout Camp or the beautiful reflections of Bear Lake? All so very interesting!! And there’s always the Rocky MT State Park Trail!!Do me a favor “P”, don’t travel west of Sheboygan. I worry about you. Oh, and by the way, I’ve been wondering what Denis Johnson’s been doing since his retirement from the Celtics! Gaw damn D.J. , make us proud.!!!!!


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