Not Til The Fat Man Sings

Socialism…??? Repoobs are so behind the curve, so last generation, that they believe using the term “socialist” will be an anti “morning-in-america” scary ringtone for young Americans. Poor Repoobs are so out of it that they don’t realize that today the word “social” hooks up with the term “social networking,” as in FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, blogs, the very modes of communication that bind the youth of today. In other words, “socialism” rings hollow, if not outright silent as a term to scare Americans born after 1970.

Repoobs want a return to Reaganism, the “mourning-in-america” days of geezer, white picket-fenced-in good ol’days. And now with Flush Phlegmball as the the new repooblican leader, Dems could not be more pleased. Flush Hopes Obama Fails. But right now, America and… Obama Hopes…Flush Fails.

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