Nationalizing the banks? Next they'll be talking about nationalizing the forests!

Snarkies re:The President's speech last night:

Michelle shoulda had Queen Latifa sitting next to her instead of that tiny lil' school girl who someone dressed up in clothes that made her look like an adult..a midget/lil' person..Michelle looked gigantic.

What did Prez Obama say to Supreme Ct dude Clarance Thomas? “yo bro u a disgrace to our race.”

Did Nancy Pelosi's pea soup green mao-like jacket make you queezy, too?

Best-received line of the night: “…checks are on the way.”

Can you imagine Bush saying this line?: “I suffer no allusions.”

It's a shame that the President of the US had to remind Americans that “living our values makes us stronger.”

What was that Repoob
rebuttal? Bobby “Slumdog” Jindal looked a bit bewildered.. starring in “Who wants to be a Republican?”

2 thoughts on “Randomoniums”

  1. How about nationalizing the Mexican drug cartell, maybe it already is. Don’t know much about Queenie but Long Dong Clarance was reckless eyeballin her. Lay off my baby momma Nancy.She look good in anythang, fer real!!! As far as scumdog Jindal goes, that is one scary dude, wow. “Americans can do anything”,except knowing how to give a speech. Bobby needs to come out of the “closet” Did anyone see his strut to the mic?? I don’t think Bobby got his round mouth eating square meals. The voice of the Repubs, right!!!


  2. yo Noc…u ’bout as snarky as a snark…well done, dude. Plain 4got allabout the Longdong curly pube on the Coke can…still can’t drink Coke because of that.


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