Obama Whups Jesus

A new national popularity poll shows President Barack H. Obama beating the robes off Mr. Jesus H. Christ. The Harris poll, conducted since 2001 to measure who Americans see as their top hero, was the first time that Mr. Christ did not emerge as the top, numero uno, all-american hero. According to Mr. Christ, Obama’s victory this year was a fluke, possibly an error, and possibly fraud,

“Jesuschrist !,” said, Mr. Christ, “What the hell is my country coming to? Do folks think this guy can walk on water? Heal the sick and turn water to wine?…I’m thinking of challenging him to a little hoops… one-on-one…and he can name the court. And when I kick his hero-ass I’ll tell him how he should spend that stimulus money.”

“Let’s do this, Big O.”

9 thoughts on “Obama Whups Jesus”

  1. Obama is truly our national “slumdog”. He can submerge himself into the baptismal well of crap (the inherited state of the economy) and emerge with a clean outstreched arm, holding his sacramental pledge of hope and change. Sorry JC,thats a tough act to follow, yo.


  2. There’s always room for the “new” kid on the block. Let’s see what he can do for us mere mortals. In God’s name we can use the help to get out of this mess that our last “fearless” leader left us in! Go Big “O” team up with JCwhat a power package that would be. CM


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