Presidential Brush-Cutting

Former Presidents Raygun and Bushwipe spent their off-White House time on ranches cutting brush. Their love of brush-cutting was only exceeded by their fondness for fondling Pentagon generals’ warmongering genitals. This obsession with brush-cutting is fertile ground for amateur and professional psychiatrists…i.e. their need to “brush” up against peace, start a war; need to expiate personal guilt; cleanse the land of their blood-scourged adventures; (have at it yourself all you headshrinkers)…(Clinton was too busy cutting bush to cut brush.) Obama recently returned to his south-side Chicago city “ranch” to play gym basketball and eat southern style cooking. He needs an outdoor activity. I suggest he adapt the brush-cutting precedents of former presidents by filling potholes in the city streets. That would be a studly urban winter activity equivalent to brush-cutting. Any ideas for summer months? Just hope he doesn’t take up golf.

2 thoughts on “Presidential Brush-Cutting”

  1. You know “P”, the more I think about it the more I’ve concluded that cutting brush or grass for that matter may be somewhat theraputic for the simple minded. Take Forrest Gump for instance. His creative,autistic mind thrived sitting on top of his “Snapper”. Chenney blew off his friends face while trouncing about in the “brush”. As far as Obama goes, he’s going to be pretty busy with his new outdoor activity in Afganistan along with his 18,000 teammates. Maybe HE needs a bushhog!!!


  2. Yo, Dessi…u so right again, dude. Like your thinking…maybe the brushcuttin was just brushcuttin. America will soon be covered by a lot of brush which will give all American Simps sumpin 2 do.


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