A Long Night

As a card-carrying supporter of the ACLU, greenpeace, peta, anmesty international, doctors-without-borders, pimps-without hos, and plumbers-without-license these halcyon days running up to Nov. 4 are fraught with fear, anxiety and second guessing about how to prepare oneself for a worst-case scenario Nov. 5 dreary dawn awakening to a McCain-Palin America. A morally bankrupt America atop a fiscally bankrupt America. Difficult to fathom yet all too possible. The dark forces of right-wing, christian theocratic rule are gathering and consolidating their armies of hate, lies and videotape to sneak the McCain-Palinistas into power. Voter supression, the repooblican party’s weapon-of-choice, is being re-constituted in states across the nation. If you can’t get people to vote for you, then keep people from voting for you opponent. From police intimidation and tricks such as “broken” voting machines at college campuses…remember 2004 …all across Ohio colleges, voting machines either “went missing,” limited to only one, or conveniently broke down. At Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio students waited in the rain all night…14 hours…to vote. Be prepared for a long night this Nov. 4.

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