The Palin Effect

There’s lots of talk about the Bradley Effect….when white voters enter the voting booth, despite the fact that they told pollsters they planned to vote for the Black candidate (Tom Bradley in California) they then punch the card for the white candidate. This November we could see a “Palin Effect” in which Republicans hover their stylus above McCain-Palin chads and are suddenly gripped by a cold chill…a little shudder at the thought of Sarah Palin…Sarah Palin winkin’ and blinkin’ at the Supreme Court Chief Justice as she is sworn-in …as either Vice or god-save us, President of the United States. Although Dick Cheney is the personification of political evil, one must admit that he is at least qualified..served as Secretary of Defense, chief of staff for a president…whatever you think of him, you have to admit he’s got the smarts and experience to be President. But Sarah Palin? Look for the “Palin Effect” to out-effect the “Bradley Effect.”

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