2004 Redux?

Why didn’t Obama Hit Harder..or 2004 Redux?

Remember Nov.5 2004? John Kerry steps to the podium and concedes. Ohio was still in dispute…(still is)..and dems are cursing themselves for not responding aggressively to the Rove-Bush attack machines. The wind-surfing dude was sacked and labeled as cowardly French milk toast on a swift boat to hell. Leading up to election day Kerry was ahead in the polls, even in the exit polls. A Kerry Administration was all but inevitable. Then Ohio happened. And 4 mo years of Bushlife. Will we see a repeat of this harrowing scenario next week.? Will we be asking the Obmamians why they didn’t respond to the relentless onslaught of attacks from Rove-McCain-Palinistas? Obama’s depiction as a spread-the-wealth-socialist-tax-raising-celebrity-muslim pal of terrorist Bill Ayers who wants to teach little kids about explicit sex…. middle name Hussein…did we mention he’s Black? ..spell Barack backwards and you have K.(kill) C. (christians) Arab. Will the cost of lost opportunities to counter-attack be another defeat and four years more of wandering thru the Bush desert? Here’s a few missed opportunities of legitimate attack that, if pursued, might have made the difference between a close victory and a narrow defeat.

McCain’s association with terrorists G. Gordon Liddy and Carl H. Lindner Jr.

The Keating Five and McCain’s association with the savings and load scandal of ….barely mentioned.

McCain’s support for ACORN..if he’s gonna hit Obama for his, then why not showcase how McCain keynoted at ACORN’s national convention in 2006 and praised the organization.

MCain’s eight houses and 13 cars…could’ve had a lot more commercials about this.

McCain’s infamous temper and volatile temperament. Instances too numerous to cite.

McCain’s politically expedient choice of the unqualified winkin’ & blinkin’Sarah Palin which put America at risk.

McCain’s long history of working to de-regulate the financial sector. How did that work out, Senator?

McCain’s health plan…to tax employee health care benefits; force you shop around the country for a policy.

McCain’s tawdry personal life..how he dumped his first wife for the younger blond and filthy-rich Cindy-the-Trophy-wife

McCain’s often-confused state of mind. Does he really think Spain is in South America;

McCain’s impetuousness and tendency to make snap decisions; e.g. VP pick of Palin; financial crisis bailout reaction…fly to Washington to save the day…;

Lots of missed opportunities. Just hope we don’t have to look back and ask “Why didn’t Obama….?”

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