The Next Debate

Even though my debate fashion tips were ignored, Obama accounted for himself fairly well. National consensus is a tie. Grumpy McBush refusing ever to even glance a squinty-eyed peek at Obama; hunched, grinning malevolently like Heath Ledger’s The Joker, old raspy voice an “I-told-you” scold, short arms punching and pounding ancient air released from a dusty canister of Kissinger and Schultz. Obama, upright and straight-eyed, a thin, sleek and tall modern avatar of avant-garde Apollonian authority, spoke in a slow modulated and precise, yet lofty graduate school reading level. (A transcription of McBush’s sentences would yield a lower, yet more translatable to average American dumbed-down ears, 5th grade reading level.)

McCain failed to wear a flag pin. Either he forgot or he arrogantly assumed that his POW experience gave him a patriot pass. I assume he doesn’t love America as much as Obama.

Obama’s big mistake was being too much the statesman and gentleman. As my signiff-othaa Cyndee Loo, a skilled debater in her own right, noted, one never starts off a rebuttal as Obama did repeatedly, with “I absolutely agree with Senator McBush…I agree…Senator McBush is right, etc. Instead, Cyndee Loo advises for the next debate, Obama, if he insists on sounding nice and formal, simply say, “I’m glad Senator McBush agrees with me…” Says the same thing, but turns it around and doesn’t lend itself to an attack ad of Obama repeating how he agrees with his opponent.

5 thoughts on “The Next Debate”

  1. My husband’s arms are not short…nor is his jaw lumpy. Shame on you. He is a great American and you should have more respect for our country’s elderly.Cindy


  2. Oh, you poor misguided Cindy Lou, your husband’s arms are short, as are his legs and other things I suspect! Is that a wad of tobacco in his jaw because my dear, his jaw is quite lumpy and bumpy, yuck!


  3. hey, you anon.bioche…ma man’s does gota wad of terbacky in es jaw jis fofrenchkissing and …hmmmm good an juicy in jis all the rite places.cindii loo


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