Obama Debate Fashion Tips

To hell with debate strategy…what really counts is debate fashion. Follow these fashion tips Barack, and you’ll be declared the winner of the Mississippi debate tonight:

Wear two flag pins. On on each lapel. If McBush shows up with only one, then you can say you love America more than he does.

Wear a gold cross pin also. This will prove once and for all that you are not a Muslim. If McBush fails to wear some symbol of christianity, then maybe, he’s NOT a christian…maybe he’s a…a…Terromuslim, or Islamonazi..gawd-only knows what you might really be, John McBush.

Wear one of those fish symbols…see above.

Wear a blue suit, white shirt, and red tie.

Don’t forget the pink ribbon for breast cancer research. Women’s vote….and on your wrist one of those “Live Strong” Lance Armstrong rubber bands…white men on bikes with testicular cancer vote.

An earring on you right ear…gay vote…gotta have it.

Confederate flag pin…need those rednecks.

Oh, yeh, and be the first to show up at a debate wearing a baseball cap…with DeKalb Corn on it. Need those farmers, dude.

White iPod earbuds and cord gives a cool youth look.

An STP sticker on the back of your suit? Why not? You’ll already have the total NASCAR advertising look anyway.

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