Palin Debate Prep

Attack Pakistan

Practice playing Risk

Check for roaches in beehive

Practice giving Joe Biden a noogie

Check for Rooskies near the border

Shiny’n die, siccem mi si, hoodaraki saki.

Attend church and cast out your inner witch again.

Re-read your copy of Intelligent Design and if asked about your qualifications to handle the nuclear codes, just remind them of your belief that dinosaurs and humans walked the Earth at the same time.

Cleavage, cleavage, cleavage

Author: Lawrence Rudmann

Multi-genre comedic political poet and trender/periscoper of what's around the corner. Avid tennis player and ukulele strummer. Comedic poetry stimulator and healer.

2 thoughts on “Palin Debate Prep”

  1. praajek was so depressed afta watchin palin winkin’ and blinkin it took me a while to sort it all out…gawd hep us if this woman get near the whitehouse. praajek


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