Speechy Spouses

Why must we endure speeches from the spouses of our candidates for president? What the f…is that about? Michelle Obama…nice speech…but why should we give a rat’s ass. Cindy McCain tonight preaching to the elderly repooblican choir. Notice Cindy didn’t stand behind a podium? Why hide that expensive fluorescent blue suit behind a lecturn? Cindy’s golden outfit last night was estimated by fashion experts to cost in the range of $300,000…about $6,000 for the dress, and over $250,000 for her diamond earrings. Not bad for a beer budget. And if we must endure speeches, from the candidates or their spouses, nephews, dessicated mothers or transparent-skinned dads, teleprompters should be banned. No teleprompters. Let’em either read their speech off notes or paper, or memorize it. On second thought, let’em memorize it…no notes or paper. Now that would be entertainment!

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