Palin Successfully Reads Speech

The first 5 mins of Palin’s speech resembled an Oprah show…her kids, her parents, hubby cheered by the aging delegates finally roused from their early bird special dinners. This speech was so unauthentic, so obviously not her words, but instead rotten red meaty words ripped and torn by speech writers, written months ago and fed into a meat grinder to be spewed by whatever VP nominee McBush chose. This speech was a collection of left-over garbage scraps sucked from the McCain speech writers’ cutting floor. Yes, Palin can certainly read a speech from a teleprompter. She was scarcastic, mean-spirited, sneering and effective and energizing to her audience. Whether she can take this on the road successfully is to be seen. And for the end of show Oprah-closing, as advised by Team McBush, she held her baby and as also advised teen sexy pregnant couple held hands.

An aside: email received today from a friend: “I watched last night and is that hall a crypt of old death going on? Bunch of folks frozen in time who have no clue of what real people deal with.”

2 thoughts on “Palin Successfully Reads Speech”

  1. Yes, I agree with your every word,and to add to her “red meat” speech, she had to play the “special needs children” card to get the sympathy vote, oh puke!!! Yes, and lets give the pregnant daughter a high-five for all teenagers across America.Every family needs one or two pregnant teenagers, yeah! Maybe we will see the Palin family on Oprah or better yet, Dr. Phil!Better there than the White House! Joni


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