Blue & Green Screen McCain

Oh, what a maverick. Delivering one of the most conventional, stilted and snore-inducing speeches in the history of nominating conventions, John McCain talked about “fighting for you…for standing on your side and not standing your way.” He mentioned specific people, citizens from different cities and states…an over-used speech convention made popular by Ronald Raygun. McCain looks wizened, like a character from Lord of the Rings. In his “maverick” wooden speech style, McCain told delegates that “We’re going to change that.” He also said “We are all Americans.” and, get this, “We believe in personal responsibility.” Woooo, heavy sheet, dude. Guess what, “I will reduce taxes.” Wow…Shaking his trembling fists, McCain also electrified is audience with this zinger: “We’re going to stop sending $750 million overseas to countries that don’t like us.” (yeah, like Iraq…where we currently are spending $10 billion a day?) And this…”it’s time to show the world how America leads.” Man, who wrote this?

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