Kentucky votes against Obama

Terry Jordan, of Munfordville, KY and 460,000 fellow ‘Tuckians voted overwhelmingly against Barack Obama tonight. For Jordan, making his choice was easy. “It’s his color,” he said simply, justifying his vote against Obama.

2 thoughts on “Kentucky votes against Obama”

  1. Wow,Your comments really offend me today!Please don’t discount the numerous educated and informed Kentuckians who came out to vote. As a proud “Tuckian” for the past 8 years I know very few people who would reflect your image of someone in Kentucky. I work with thousands of educated Kentuckians everyday who engage in great political discourse, none of which deals with voting based on color or gender. Thanks, MollyP.S. I think I better quit reading your blog, it is bad for my blood pressure!


  2. yo molly…lighten-up girrrl…some of my best relatives are ‘tuckians…no offense intended. We got Terry Jordans in Illinois, too, except they would NEVER wear white socks with plastic sandals. That really offended my fashion sensibilities.P.S. please keep reading…or my fan base will be reduced to one.


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