It’s Hellary on the inside…..

With Hellary’s historic run to be the Democratic nominee to run for President almost at the finish line, but several lengths behind Barack Obama, she runs harder, talks tougher, almost willing herself to win. Almost. Her last desperation self-administered whip lashes against her pants-suited haunches, side to side, whack, whack is actually closing the gap. On a muddied track to Iowa, on the outside came Big Brown, Barack Obama, only occasionally looking back as the field faded from view. Hellary’s recent victorys in Pennsylvania, West by-gawd Virginia and tonight in Kentucky have scraped open the scabs of America racism. Hellary’s declaration of support by “white Americans, hard working Americans…” exposed her blatant appeal to American’s baser instincts. Will it work? If she wins this way, then America and its citizens lose.

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