Pedoling the Popemobile

After spending decades keeping his church on the run from public exposure of pedophile priests, Pope Bennie the Mobile motors thru America in his Popemobile this week. Yes, he says, he is now “deeply ashamed” by the actions of pedophile priests. How about expressing deep shame and sorrow for his church’s coverup and denials of those pedo priests who sexually preyed on children. It’s amazing that the Catholic Code of Canon Law forbids a man (of course…not a woman!) from becoming a priest if he (of course, “he” ) has murdered someone, engaged in self-mutilation (huh?) or helped procure an abortion. The Canon Law is silent on buggering children. Ok, Pope Bennie, on this American visit, become Pope Humble the Most, get down on your knees inside your Popemobile and at every stop light on your American tour, beg your flock for forgiveness. And while you’re at it, you might want to add child molesting to your priest disqualification list.

2 thoughts on “Pedoling the Popemobile”

  1. Hey Praajek,Are you completely crazy, I think you must be smoking some funky weed, you are sure out there somewhere. A lot of bullshit!!!


  2. ah, Starshine… shucks…why is it whenever some people disagree with an opinion they resort to the old “you must be smokin’ sumpthin…” Maybe if Pope Bennie had encourage pedo priests to suck some of he wicked weed, they wouldn’t have sucked so many little boys.


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