Praajek’s Luv Lounge

You know, when it comes to men, women like a praject…(yo, that’s my name !) ..My moneyman, Jonny Driftwood, is always in need of some of Praajeks’ lady advice. Here my latest for him…and you others like him.

…Lose the flannel sheets. Unless you’re a 12 year-old boy scout or a nongenerian. Do silk. The Ladies love silk. Especially the pillow cases.

…Lose the bar of Ivory soap on the bathroom vanity. Unless you live in the Big House, no one wants to pick up your hairy bar of soap. Get some liquid in a dispenser bottle.

…check back for more Praajek Lady Advice for Jonny Driftwood.

2 thoughts on “Praajek’s Luv Lounge”

  1. Listen Mr Praajek, I’ll clue you in on the ways of the world. Only sissy boys do silk and use bathroom soap out of a liquid dispenser bottle. Would John Wayne sleep on silk or use liquid soap out of a dispense? As for you ananymous, what’s this about Egyptian cotton sheets! Egyptian cotton sheets are made in an Al-Queda factory by terroists.


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